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    Default Large driver vs small driver?

    is that true the larger driver sound warmer and smoother than the small drivers? For some reasons, I am not a fan of small narrow speakers. You can cover the whole range of frequencies with a sub for lower end but to me, the vocal is so hash from small driver.

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    A topic like this is going to have passionate arguments for and against the size of the driver based on personal experience.

    I'm sure it will be colored by "it depends".

    All being equal i would err on the side of the larger woofer.

    I will be interested to hear a head to head between the RTI A7 and the Tsx 500t with its 8" drivers.

    An article on "Bigger is Not Always Better"

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    I think the more interesting comparison is the mids between an rti a5 and rti a9. many like the A9 but it has the smaller mid range driver of the line.

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    No it is not true. For example, the classic Western Electric (later Altec) 755 8" full-range driver family is a famously smooth and natural sounding driver - ad their pricing on the audiophile market reflects this, big time! The less classic and far cheaper vintage Electrovoice "Wolverine" LS-8 twincone 8" full-range driver is likewise quite sweet and pleasant to listen to.

    There are always compromises involved in the choice of a driver and how it's baffled - I'd encourage the original poster to Google the phrase "Hoffman's Iron Law" and do some readin'...
    all the best,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctransj View Post
    is that true the larger driver sound warmer and smoother than the small drivers?
    False. The only truths there is that a larger driver will beam sooner and send less high frequency information into the room, but a larger driver will also have a breakup or resonance at a lower frequency, introducing more distortion. You can have a small driver that sounds warm and a larger driver that can sound bright, other than what I listed, one doesn't have anything to do with the other.
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    Well what do you consider a narrow speaker?

    Are the B&W CM9s narrow?
    Would a Cerwin Vega VE-12 be a wide speaker?
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