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    Default rt8's, worth it?

    i have come across a pair of older rt8 speakers for sale. they seem to be in good shape, obviously i'll listen to them first. my question is, are they worth $65 for the pair?
    50" samsung dlp
    receiver... pioneer elite vsx72txv
    front... polk tsi400's
    rear surrounds... polk tsi100's
    center... polk csi3
    subs... psw150..... 2 of them.
    surrounds.....polk owm3's

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    i bought a pair for $60. A little spit shine and some refurb of the woofers (free by Polk) and they are very clear punchy speakers.
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    Well, they were $275 msrp EACH when new. I have a pair from new that I used in HT as the front channels in a medium sized room and they worked great 5.1 I recently hooked them up for some hendrix and my wife came down the stairs to see what was shaking the house. This was with just a standard pioneer integrated... Probably not the most technical sound reproduction...but for $65 I'd do it.

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    They're ABSOLUTELY worth that! Not a bad speaker at all at a good price....that's pretty cheap if they are in good shape....not the best of the RTs but nice nonetheless!


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    RT8's are a great speaker. Go for it, that's a great price.
    Last edited by GTB; 03-07-2010 at 09:51 AM. Reason: not enough coffee
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    Cool donsr1948 reply to RSXR141

    Reply to RSXR141. Are the Polk RTi8's worth $65.00 you asked? I have 2 new I purchased to augment my Premiere Acoustic PA-65, PA-6C, PA-6F and PA-6W Sub. 5.1 system. They were $500.00 for the pair. They are approx 100 lbs. apiece. I bi-amped these two and used them as my front speakers and my two PA-6S I bi-wired. My power source is the Onkyo TXNR-5009 9.1 channel receiver at 145 W per channel in a 15' X16' carpeted room. My neighbors for blocks can hear it. Dynamic sound. The RTi8's are surely worth $65.00 unless they fell off a truck or absolutely don't work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by donsr1948 View Post
    Reply to RSXR141. Are the Polk RTi8's worth $65.00 you asked?
    Yup. That's what he asked. Close to four years ago.

    Welcome to CP.

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