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    Default A/B'd my RTi70's and RTi100's, and the results weren't surprising!

    Had a little fun this weekend, decided to A/B my RTi70's and RTi100's in the theater for the first time. I cut a big hole in the wall for built in component shelving, and while I had my receiver out I decided to lug the 100's upstairs and hook them up next to the 70's.

    I think I am going to do a soundbar in the family room where the RTi100's and a CSi30 have been doing three channel duty, no sub and no surrounds, quite well. Just doesn't fit the WAF since we have a dedicated theater as well. We have a wall mounted Pioneer 50" plasma, and she has wanted a more clean look than having it framed by two large towers. Since I have my dedicated room upstairs, I am obliging her wishes for the family room!

    Anyways, back the comparison. It was immediately clear to me that the 100's were lacking in midrange compared to the 70's. They sounded almost like they were in a megaphone. The 70's sounded much more rich and full to me, and when running my sub (Paradigm PDR-10) sounded worlds better than the 100's. But I have read quite a few threads on this forum saying just that, so I decided to REALLY test the difference. I got my wife involved.

    I invited my wife upstairs to do a blind test. Double blind wasn't an option, as I had already tainted myself. I had her sit down and close her eyes, while I played several tracks from an ENYA CD we both know and enjoy. I switched back and forth multiple times, and she almost immediately came to the same conclusion I did. She said that the 70's sounded more lifelike, more enveloping, like she was there in the room where the music was being played. She said the 100's sounded like she was listening to recorded music, almost like listening to them through something. I thought her explanation was interesting.

    Neither of us are audiophiles, obviously, but the 70's were much more pleasing to both our ears. My wife did say though, that had she not listened to them side by side, she likely would not have ever noticed a difference.

    So, that capped off a fun weekend of theater reconstruction! Here is a pic of my almost finished component rack. I still need to trim it out, and paint the spot where my FXi30 was before I had to move it to accomodate the rack.

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    nice theater seating
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    Very nice setup.

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    Very nice set-up, just one comment. There is not too much headroom above the Pioneer - have you done anything special to ensure that it runs cool?

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    Yes it is. I experienced the same thing with the RT1000i vs 800i.

    Much preferred 800i, so much so it made the 1000i seem a complete waste. Them I tried the 2000i, still not worth he money unless all you want is a lot more bass.

    The 800i remains one of my favorite sweetheart budget speakers.
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