If you are thinking of new cables this is your chance to pick up Shunyata's TOL cables at a good price in September.

Buy one Zytron Anaconda power cable, get a second cable at 50% off.


Buy a pair of Zytron Anaconda speaker cables, and get one or two pair of Zytron Anacondas interconnects at 50% off.

All current Shunyata specials.


This is a good opportunity for anyone interested in moving up the cable tree, and saving some money in the process.

I am going to contact them and see if I buy one Anaconda power cord at full price, and get three at 50% off. Then I can upgrade the Pythons on my amps, upgrade the Python on the Hydra AV in the HT, move the Pythons to the two channel gear, move the just replaced Cobras to the HT gear using Venoms, and have a spare for when I add another dedicated 20 amp line along with a new Triton.