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    Default Power handling question

    Something I don't understand about how many watts the vintage Polks can take. For example:

    Monitor 5 125 watts
    Monitor 7 150 watts

    How does a bigger PR equate to the same drivers taking an extra 25 watts?

    Monitor 10 250 watts
    RTA12's 500 watts

    How can the exact same drivers take an extra 250 watts?
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    The larger cabinet with require the drivers to command more air, thus more power before they are over driven.

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    ...coupled to the fact that the amount of power they can take depends greatly on the spectrum of frequencies in the source material.

    In short, "power handling" of speakers is a wild guess, not entirely unlike how engines are rated for horsepower...some use the "old, pre-1971" SAE specification, some use the 1972 SAE spec, some use the very-new 2009 (???) SAE specification...but most aftermarket builds don't follow SAE protocols at all. The joke was that one engine had 375 horsepower, measured at the flywheel, while another engine had 425 horsepower...measured at the sales brochure.

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