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    Default Steely Dan Tour definitely worth it

    I went to see Steely Dan last Saturday (Dallas/Grand Prairie, TX) and they were GREAT; most of the guys in the band were older than me (the drummer--one of my favorites--being the exception), but they really put on a show. I'm not sure how many years/tours these guys have left in them--and I'm starting to worry there may never be another Steely Dan CD--but it's definitely worth the price of admission!
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    +1000 on that! Saw them about a month ago and was blown away!
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    They are scheduled to play outside Atlanta on September 7th at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (2200 Encore Parkway, Alpharetta, GA 30009).

    I'll be there.
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    MIssed them here in the midwest. Couldn't find anyone to join me for the 3 hour drive to Chicago or St. Louis. :( :(
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    Ive seen them many times: Definitely worth it...

    Schedule and availability for NYC Beacon Theate Shows.
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    Caught them last month when they came through Indy. Great show.

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    Are they still playing an entire album at shows?
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    Saw them last night at St. Augustine amphitheater. Very good show, more of a best of, than entire album.

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    I saw them in The Woodlands the night before the Dallas show. I have seen The Dan 4 times repviously and this show, to me, was a disappointment. Their songs seemed to be 1/2 beat behind their normal tempo and Becker did not ad much to the show. Joh Harrington, the lead guitarist, got most of the spotlight. It was a good show, bit for me, a disappointment.
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    The word on the Beacon run was the 2nd set was whatever they were showcasing that night the did the entire album after set break.They did not tour all that much back in the day because they wanted to duplicate their albums note for note and found out the limitations of a live gig .I might be wrong but I can think of only 2 other bands that did this ,Pink Floyd doing DSOTM and The Who doing Tommy at Lincoln Center,then @ Radio City when Keith Moon famously yells out over the air waves "could we have a little decorum here,It's a f#&king opera".

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    The real deal!
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    I know this is an old thread, but we saw the Dan last night at the Starlight Theater in Kansas City. It was a PERFECT evening for an outdoor venue and the band was AWESOME!

    As Becker stated when he was introducing the group "This is the best f@cking band we've ever had!" I'd believe that, even though he's probably said that many times in the past.

    Great show, loved every moment of it.
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