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    Default How can I mount a CSi A6 to the underside of an entertainment center arch?

    Hi Everybody,

    I'm looking for some creative input here. I am going to be putting together a new RTi system consisting of A3's for L/R/SL/SR and a CSi A6 for center. I anticipate I'll be getting the following IKEA entertainment center to hold all my equipment:

    What I would -like- to do is somehow mount the CSi A6 to the bottom of the overarching cabinets above the TV since the TV is an older Mitsubishi 57" DLP with about 7" of unused speakers in between its base and the screen, so I'm concerned mounting the center underneath the TV, utilizing some kind of riser, would create a sound that would seem to come below the image rather than through it. I'm thinking mounting the center directly above the screen would alleviate that. If I proceed along that route, what would be the best way to do it without homemade custom carpentry? Besides, the entertainment center is made of particleboard so plywood would look awkward with it anyway. What I'm thinking is mounting a thin metal shelf (but thick enough to hold up the 30lb speaker) with 4 corner posts screwed (or bolted) into the underside of the cabinets, but I can't find any pre-made commercial solution that I can just buy off the shelf. If anybody has any ideas or pictures of similar solutions, I'd love to hear them!

    Chris L.

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    Remember seeing a shelf that attaches to the top of a tv a while back. Think it was at

    Why the A6/A3 combo. Think the A4 would be a better match

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    Welcome to CP!

    Sounds like a kick-ass little system. What receiver/power/sub are you going with?

    I think going with the larger center is always a good idea, especially when the woofers are the same size as the mains. If you turn off your mains during a movie you will realize that it really is true that the vast majority of the content comes through the center and the sub.

    As for the OPs question, I don't think putting the center underneath will prevent any issue. Mine is more than 7 inches under the tv in the built ins and I have never noticed an issue. If it won't fit in the shelves underneath, I would just remove one and put it on the bottom shelf using the angled feature. If it bothers you then start fiddling with it. YMMV...

    I would love to see pics of the final setup!

    Welcome to CP!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rpf65 View Post
    Remember seeing a shelf that attaches to the top of a tv a while back. Think it was at

    Why the A6/A3 combo. Think the A4 would be a better match
    Like this:

    Attachment 89536
    Attachment 89537

    I had one of those myself, its in my closet still. It worked quite well for my CS2
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    While I do not have Polks as my H/t I hear no difference w/ my center 3 rows down my entertainment center at all.Again there are probably creative ways to adjust your shelves w/o using the given pegs or slotted holders that I have.I think if you convince yourself it's not going to sound right you've already lost that battle.
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    Use wood screws or PL400

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    Can't advise w/ mounting specifics. I agree w/RT59 on reasons for CC choice. Plus the 'A6 offers a "kickstand" & add'l power handling to aid pointing its "contribution" into your soundscape. Can't recall the kickstand feature on the 'A4. A robust sub & LCR power will round out your system's SQ nicely.

    Enjoy, tony
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