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    Default Polk tsx440t Speakers

    Just had my best listening session so far after installing my new tsx440t's last week. Even with my very average system I am quite happy with the quality of sound when coupled with my Polk 125 sub. The best source is by far the turntable as these speakers bring out tones in my favorite vinyl I've never heard! My receiver only provides 75w/channel but the speakers still push great sound in my rectangular, carpeted listening room. For what I can afford now (just had my second kid!) I couldn't be happier. My next step is to upgrade my surrounds to match the fronts for quality movie surround sound. Then an amp, then...
    Onkyo TX-SR505 Surround Receiver
    Onkyo DV-SP405 CD/DVD
    Harmon Kardon T60 Turntable
    Yamaha KX-200U Cassette
    Polk tsx440t Fronts
    Polk 50 bookcase Surrounds (3)
    Polk PSW-125 Sub

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    central Texas, trailer court on right



    Glad you're enjoying your new toys. Might I suggest you look into a timbre matched center to complete the front sound stage. That would be a higher priority to me anyway, as that is the anchor to any HT system.

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    Welcome to Club Polk!

    And thanks for a review of that new line. Few of us here have heard any of these new TSx speakers which seem to be a replacement for the Monitor X0 line. One of the seemingly "interesting" decisions that Polk made here is that they decided to go with 6 1/2" drivers as the smallest woofer in the 330T and 440T towers and add two 8" bass drivers to the TOTL TSx 550T but use two smaller 5 1/4s up top instead of four 6 1/2 drivers like in the M70s and TSI-500s! They also dispensed with the d'appolito arrangement of the tweeter and top two drivers?

    In essence, lowering the bass floor on ALL the towers! Would have been nice to have heard some of the reasoning behind these mods on this site. We certainly had a lot of fanfare for the Blackstone sats and the TOTL LSiMs! But no love for the working man's speakers. lol

    Especially since Andrew Jones seems to be selling out his low end series for Pioneer. The rants about the SP-BS22 bookies on AK are a little hard to swallow--but there is more than one thread and lots of posts! I can't understand why Polk, which sells in that price range, has not come up with a counter? Or how about an AD campaign, boys?

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    Onkyo TX-SR 805 System #1 HT AVR
    Office Two Channel: LSi-7s (Nakamichi CA-5, NAD 214, Pioneer BDP51fd)
    Vintage Polks: Polk Monitor 5As, Monitor 7Bs [HK 730], Monitor 10As [Marantz 2265], SDA-2Bs [Jolida JD-303, Jolida MV-MK4]
    Headphones: HD600, Q701, ATH-M50s etc. Bravo Audio Ocean amp., Onkyo P-304, Adcom GFA-555, Technics Direct Drive TT

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    Any updates on the 440t? Thanks!

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