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    Default This hobby can be brutal

    S my main rig retails anywhere between $4k and $5k, and I love it. With that said, I'm currently listening to a system that I've got a whopping $275 in from wall to my ears and I'm loving every second of it. While it just doesn't compare to my main rig in pure sound quality in any way, its doing so many things right and offering up a completely different experience. It sounds so damn good that it makes me shake my head when I listen to it. I'm thinking I might just take this lowly system to LSAF next year and see how well it is received...

    Sometimes it's nice to just kick back and enjoy it. It's too damn loud in here but I ain't backin that pot down just yet. Wish I had poured a glass of bourbon about 30 minutes ago... Well, I guess one wont hurt.
    Usher CP-6311, Shuguang S200MK, Shuguang S845MK, Pioneer BDP-51fd, Essence Audio HDACC, Douglas IC's, Douglas Alpha bi-wire SC's, Pangea/Douglas PC's, Epson 8100

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    Lets see,

    Living room...system...

    HK 3490 $513 after taxes and eco fee
    Soundstage Stage 5.1 4 foot towers $380 nearly a decade ago
    Crap oddball 12 inch sub $100 a few years ago
    Sony 160Gb PS3 $300 NHL 2011 Bundle
    6 Foot Optical Cable $10
    elcheapo RCAs to sub Free, included with some other piece of audio gear I once bought
    Speaker Wire $2 a foot, 4X8 foot runs no banana plugs, no nothin

    Add it all up and it won't even hold a candle to what I want to do with the towers...and yet my bedroom system with the hundred buck Klipsch B10s and PSW108...sounds a touch better than the main system UGH...
    Living Room Evolved
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    Canare 4S11 >Center
    Audioquest Evergreens on most of the analog connections
    Tannoy TS2.12 Sub
    Marantz CD6004
    Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Piano Black TT
    Parasound Zphono Phono Preamp
    Apple Mac Mini
    Apple TV 3rd Gen
    Sony PS3 160Gb/Microsoft XBox 360
    Insignia 55 inch 120Hz TV

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