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    Default Rubber feet vs spikes?

    Hey Guys,

    I have a few stereos (polk sda 2's and RT3's) and I have always wondered what the best feet were for the speakers... I have done some research and it seems to be that it depends on your room. Now I have a set of speakers in my dorm room at school, Infinity RS-3 powered by a JVC RX-807v witch seems to sound nice with placement. Now my question for you guys is that should I install feet? they will not in current from take spikes but could always work something out (small stand or drilling?). With that said would small rubber feet work better? they are sitting on small dressers (2 2 draw dresser units). Also any ideas for speaker wire? the stuff I have now is 14 gauge and seems to be the biggest the receiver clips will allow, try 12 a while ago, some form of plug maybe? even worth it?

    Thanks guys!

    P.S. also any other ideas for sound improvements are welcome and hope this is the right section to post this... I posted this on AK as well but thought why not Polk forums seem to be amazingly helpful!

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    Spike the dressers and put rubber feet on the speakers. Considering the gear you have the speaker cable you're using is fine.
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    "Now I have a set of speakers in my dorm room at school"

    Get off the online forum and go chase some girls/boys and party!!!

    Order some spikes and order some rubber feet. Put feet on one speaker and spikes on the other.
    14 is a nice size wire.
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    i was thinking rubber feet for the speakers but cant install spikes on the dressers so that is a idea but not ideal for my situation unfortunately... spikes on rubber stops? would that be as effective? And RamZet who needs to chase girls if you can play the music loud enough that they will come on their own? just a thought ahaha. Also just a side question, "media center" basically low shelves for my equipment back home... would full wood like this... ( ) or something like a nice hard wood ply resting over fabric wrapped cinder blocks? kinda odd options but they sound acoustically okay and stylish. any ideas or input would be awesome!

    thanks for the input guys!

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    Are you trying to couple or de-couple the speakers from the dresser? You could use spikes and pucks to couple the speakers to the mass of the dressers, but the dressers my resonate at certain frequencies. Keeping them filled with clothing would mitigate that somewhat. Rubber feet, depending on how rigid they are, may decouple the speakers, but the speaker cabinets may resonate.
    A good compromise I've found, is soft rubber disks. You can find them at most hardware stores, Home Depot/Loews etc.
    They're self-adhesive, about 2" in diameter, but only 1/16" thick. Apply them to the bottoms of the speakers. The weight of the speakers will compress them, so some coupling will occur, and they'll prevent the speakers from sliding and scratching the tops of the dressers.
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    Thanks for the input! That may be the solution I will go with given my current not owning the dressers situation...


    Any ideas for a future minimalist media center? wood one like this... ( ) or something like a nice hard wood ply resting over fabric wrapped cinder blocks? just wondering!

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