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    Default The contendors for Tube Pre Amps found..... and the competition starts

    I was on and off about adding tube pre amp to go along with my LSIM...

    But after reading through overwhelming reviews and after the recent recomendations/suggestions from the fellow polkies the fire which was ignited by Audio Guru Jesse is now turned in to a inferno.

    I only way to bring that inferno down is to acquire the damn tube as soon as possible.

    To start with and to make things easier these are the ones i would like to investigate and see which one of these is strong enough to bring that fire down like Looks...Specs....Customer support.....Realiable....long life.....

    Cary SLP-98 F1

    VTL 2.5 /5.5

    Joule LA-150 MkII

    Audio Research SP16 /LS26

    Conrad-Johnson CT-5

    I would like to know, if any of you have you owned one of these? and what is your take? Likes/dislikes etc..,

    Or do you have a worthy contender to be placed along with this list?

    As always your time and replies are highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have never heard a tiube pre. Does Emo make one?
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    Tubes will ruin you...
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    Quote Originally Posted by DSkip View Post
    Tubes will ruin you...
    in a good way or bad way?

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    In a good way for a bad way for your wallet.

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    Very bad way. Each one comes with their own sound. This can be good or bad and that completely resides on what tubes lie within. You are on the right path though, if I do say so myself...

    In search of accurate reproduction of music. Real sound is my reference and while perfection may not be attainable? If I chase it, I might just catch excellence.

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    The VTL 2.5 is a good pre amp. My bud Norm had one so it made it over here to my place. Mullard CV4003 and Sylvania 6350's gave it a nice sound with a good bottom end.

    The Audio Research SP16 will be a bit more defined with better soundstage. Like Tom said they each have a signature sound so you need to experience one to know what you want more or less of.

    I have experience with a Conrad Johnson Premier ACT2, but not the CT-5.

    No experience with service on ones I mentioned.
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    While I can't comment on any of the pres you have listed, considering the speaker set-up you are going to have, I would recommend a pre with the "Home Theater Bypass" function.
    SDA CRS+4.1TL's/Modded SDA 1C's/Modded SDA SRS 3.1 TL's/Modded SDA SRS 2.3TL

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    I have a. Sp16. It replaced a ss McIntosh. I will say the McIntosh was warmer vs the ar sp16! The stock tubes are bass shy but fast jn the highs. I replaced them with some late 50 tungsol so it had more bass but kept the fast clean highs. I have also tried rca 3mica also but for my legacy speakers, I feel the tongsol was a better fit. No even though the McIntosh ss was warmer sounding the ar sp16 soundstage and speed of the highs sounded way better on my rig.

    What kind of sound are you looking for? As stated, each of the preamps you listed has a unique sound

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