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    Default What happened to Madden football?

    I have't pleyed the Madden games in years, but picked up Madden 25 this year, mainly for the Sunday Ticket thing. I decided to pop the game in and actually try playing it. Wow, talk about overkill on the home screen, so many modes and side games and stuff. All that extra crap is a distraction and makes it difficult to just play a game of football.

    Does anyone know if there's still a way to pick a team and play thru a season of football, that's all I want to do?
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    Don't know anything about Madden 25, but I'll kick your butt on some Atari 2600 Football

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    Bought the same game you did. Being the special edition. I was able to flip it on CL for $50.00. Already have Madden 11 &12 that I hardly ever play. Good luck. D

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    I think it's actually a huge improvement over last year's version. The menus are much easier to navigate in comparison, and the gameplay itself is much better. There are actually holes to run through in the run game, and the animations in general seem more real to me. I've been having a blast, but I pretty much play offline franchises solely, so my usage is limited.
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    I agree it is much better than last year. Yes you can pick a team and run a season.

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