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    Default Too good to be true?

    Well, I would've thought so.

    The bad news. My daughter dropped her 2 y.o. 8gb iPod Touch on the kitchen floor Sat. night, cracked the screen, ugggh. We
    contemplated having it repaired, but decided to look for a new one first.

    The good news. Wife went online looking for a new one Sunday morning, lucked onto Targets' website, and found a
    5th Gen Touch with 32gb for... are you sitting down?

    The ugly news. They fought tooth and nail not to sell her one at that price, but a manager who she knows from shopping there
    took her aside and told her that they HAD to honor the price (she brought in a printout of the ad, as well as the ad on her iPhone), which they ultimately did after about 45 minutes and three phone calls to the main office. Needless to say, the ad was changed before she left the store that morning, but not before she had two new iPods safely paid for!

    Now I am curious, did anyone else find this ad and grab any?
    So, are you willing to put forth a little effort or are you happy sitting in your skeptical poo pile?

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    No but I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night :)

    Damn what a deal

    United honored the free flight deal

    Hey where are the emoticons
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    Didnt get that deal-but what a deal. But what i did get is a daughter who breaks at least 3 phones a year. The insurance policy with AT&t hates us :) cracked screen every time
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    Quote Originally Posted by boston1450 View Post
    Didnt get that deal-but what a deal. But what i did get is a daughter who breaks at least 3 phones a year. The insurance policy with AT&t hates us :) cracked screen every time
    I didnt get that deal, or I woulda been there myself in line making a fuss . Personally I am having a HARD TIME not upgrading from my iPhone 4 to a HTC One simply because BB has them for 50 bucks with a 2 year contract...

    Then I could relegate my 16 gig iPhone to just a music player for my car... but I would give up the ability to use MOG and control through it through my headunit and have to go back to manually controlling it via the phone in my car with a 3.5mm jack.....

    First world problems.

    Congrats on the score!!!
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    "He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you." Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Good things happen to good people! I love to hear these type of stories.

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