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    Default Still amazing me

    Yesterday I started mowing the lawn. I don't own a rider, and an acre takes a little time, but I really don't mind. I actually enjoy it. It takes time, and I get sweaty, but then again I really don't try over doing it. If I feel I need a break, than break time it is. Some how one of those little plant needles got me yesterday.

    I'm sure everybody can relate to getting jabbed, usually in the finger with one of these tiny, irritating things. Doesn't really hurt, it just irritates me. Because I refuse to tie my yard shoes, leather basketball shoes, one of these little needle decided to make it's way into my shoe. From ther it decided that a good place to take up residence would be my foot.

    I happen to be right handed, and this little pain in the butt needle decided the safest place to be would be the outside of my left. Right where the foot curves before turning into the little toe. I actually kept mowing for about an hour before deciding to stop for the day, like I said it was more annoying than anything. Kind of like one of those pieces of sock lint that drive some of us crazy, because it simply isn't supposed to be there.

    So later on I'm sitting down, looking at this little sliver, which was pretty hard to see, and tried the tweezers. Problem is that I could only see the thing when my foot was tilted at a certain angle. That angle wasn't available when I was trying to get the tweezers around it. After about 15 minutes of not being able to get a hold of this thing, I gave up.

    I guess it was just about half time during the Ohio State/Northwestern game that I went to get a beer, with that little irritation occurring at every step, that I had one of those epiphanies that we all get every so often in life. Not bragging here, but on a stupid idea that actually worked scale, this was pretty high.

    I went and washed my foot off, to ensure there was no dirt, oil, beer drippings on it. Yes, I can be a slob, sometimes without even trying. Then grabbed a roll of duct tape. Took a small piece of it, pressed it firmly to where this annoying little pest was, rubbed my hand over the duct tape, to ensure it will really stick, and jerked it free. I really still can't believe this actually worked.

    There it was, that little plant needle actually stuck to the tape, and was no longer in my foot. If it matters, I don't think I've used anything other than Nashua duct tape in 10 years.

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    the only essential tools in a tool box... a hammer, a pocket knife and duct tape. MacGuyver would be proud.
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