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    Default Denon AVR 1803 Owners

    I have to say that overall I have been very happy with the performance and durability of the Denon AVR 1803. I have had it for 14 months now - however the input selector seems to have died. The reciver is blending inputs from all the sources and playing them all at the same time - CD, DVD, Computer, TV signals all playing at the same time no matter what you select.

    I first noticed it a few weeks ago - my wife left the CD player playing while we were watching a movie, on the quiet scenes you could hear the CD playing faintly in the background. I didn't think too much of this but it seems to have lead to a bigger problem.
    Now - no movies or music for a few weeks....

    I sent it away to Denon Canada, have any of you had any problems like this?


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    you know my onkyo 777 started doing the input blending and some times it would not switch the audio with the input i would have to turn it off and back on to get it to work (all of this is extremely intermitint) so i sent it off to C.C. repair dept (still under warranty) and the tech calls me back and tells me it is optical bleed through from my cables ????????????
    WHAT THE F*$#. i laughed at him and told him he was full of S*$#. told me i would have to live with it....
    so my next step is a talk with onkyo..

    but i have not heard of this prob you are having and i have sold denon for 2 years now, they should take care of you..
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    Thumbs up Denon will do you right

    I have a Denon 1802. Never had the problem you are having, but I did have a couple of issues with it a while back.

    It was still under warranty at the time, and they fixed me right up, no fuss no muss.

    Just call their CS and talk to them. Most likely they'll ask you to send them the unit (you'll have to pay the shipping to them) and they will repair the problem and send it right back in a reasonable amount of time.

    No complaints here...
    I smell ass, burning ass, glowing cherry red spanked ass.


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    I've had my 1803 for about 8 months now. Great receiver. Haven't had any problems with it.

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    I've had my 1803 since last Feb. and haven't had any problems. I'm very happy with it. I have to say, though, that I don't recall ever having played two different sources simultaneously. Plus I don't have that many sources to begin with. DVD player (which doubles as the CD player), VCR, TT and TV.

    Good luck getting it straightened out and please let us know how it turns out.
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    Chapter 2

    I took the Denon back to the dealer here in town - They were great (see my sub thread). I got a call yesterday saying that when they bench tested the receiver there was nothing wrong with it. so I headed down there again and sure enough it is working fine. Pack it up and head home....... Watched Underworld at -15 (reasonable listening level), and no problems. Tonight - back to the same problem.... Watching DVD, TV, whatever and it plays all the inputs at once.

    Sheesh - back to the drawing board -

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