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    Default DSW Pro 660wi cuts in and out of protect mode....

    Just got a dsw pro 660wi. I plugged it into the surge protector that the rest of my electronics are plugged into and started tuning and using it. About 30 minutes into some hard hitting loud tuning it started cutting out at any moderate or higher volumes. Messed around with some stuff then moved the plug to a different outlet, on a different breaker. Sub started firing hard again and worked great. 2 hours later, same thing except I could go a little louder and there is absolutely no power at all when plugged back into the surge protector with the rest of my electronics, keep in mind a 1200watt receiver still playing fine on same surge protector. My house is really old. There is knob and tube wiring as well as modern wiring, is it possable that I'm just not getting enough power to the amp? Should I run a dedicated 220volt line to a new outlet just for the sub? Or should I use 110? Any other advice or suggestions

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    Hello BMWracer,
    Welcome to Polk's forum. It would be best to give Polk's CS guys a call at 1-800-3770-7655 before they go home for the weekend.
    Regards, Ken

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    Need more info. How is the sub connected to your AVR? What are the settings on the sub and the AVR? What type/brand of surge protector?

    Your AVR is not a 1200 watt powerhouse amp. It has a rating listed as watts per channel, what is that?

    Should I run a dedicated 220volt line to a new outlet just for the sub?
    I think you are confusing amperage with voltage. There is absolutely no reason to run a 220V line to that sub.
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