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    Default Is there a diffrence between the yamaha line up

    My wife is looking to take one of our old receiver into her class room which gives me an opportunity to upgrade so I am pondering if there
    is there a benefit of moving from a yamaha 7065 to an advantage 1020 or 2020?

    I would consider something else, just like the yamaha mobile app.

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    The Aventage series are probably the best AVRs Yamaha has put out in years! For a while there the power and brightness of many of their AVRs were problematic, IMO!

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    Maybe I am to lazy(I could swap things), I have a 7065 in my living room driving my lsim theater. I have a advantage 820 in my office driving a pair of lsim 703. Every room is different but I had thought the 820 drives things better. It was my understanding that most people felt the advantage difference started with either the 1020 0r 2020 i just can't recall which one any longer.

    I know I like the sound of my monitors with a yamaha receiver more then the onkyo. I don't know if it would be best to get more power in the avr or just buy an external amp(new amp is just an unknow in terms of change in the sound).

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