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    Jul 2010

    Default "hunny, we are gonna have a baby!"

    Will somebody please help this great guy out?!? Though he could obviously return this brand new $2800 (sale priced at $2500) Dresden Acoustics DS-10 (that's their TOTL!!) 5.1 system and get his $2500 back, since he literally just got it, he is willing to take at least a $700 loss just to do one of us a real solid! Seriously, what a great guy! He's so excited about what's going on in his life that he seems to even be a little confused as to whether his fiancÚ called him or just told him directly that she was pregnant.

    He's accepting texts to set up a meeting to unload....uh, I mean, practically give this thing away! - - Alex 847-224-5636

    I'm wondering...if one were to look out this guy's window, might one spot a white van in the driveway?

    Might be kind of fun to see which of us could get him to come down the most on this fine audiophile's dream system. I'm guessing there's some considerable wiggle room - he had it posted for $2000 just this morning and now it's at a mere $1800!

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    May 2010


    awwww...isn't he creative
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    It's a "steal".
    "I can't be wrong." - F1Nut

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    Mar 2012


    He smokes crack
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    Awesome, it comes with instillation wires. It's like they implant music in your ears.

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    Why would he not just return it for refund....? CAUSE IT'S STOLEN....HOT HOT HOT I say

    somethings fishy.

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    May 2005


    Common white van speakers, not stolen.

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    Jul 2010


    Ha....What a D-Bag! I just clicked on the link again and he's now down to $1250 OBO, after being at $2000 yesterday a.m. and $1800 yesterday p.m.

    Moral of the story: Add Dresden Acoustics to your White Van Speaker Scam ( brands list.

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