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    Default Need some preamp/receiver suggestions

    Hi all,

    Been a while since I've put anything into my main system, but now is the time. My Hafler DH-110 preamp finally dropped out the right channel permanently. It could be a bad switch or something simple, but it honestly wasn't fitting my needs anymore.

    I've found myself gravitating away from straight music listening, and more towards console games, movies, and TV. My speakers are still SDA2's, and I would like to continue to use my Adcom GFA-545 amp for as long as it will let me.

    Here's what I have for required inputs:

    Original XBOX (Composite)
    HTPC (currently analog, could upgrade to digital
    CDP (analog)
    Cable TV (currently only playing through TV speakers)

    Movies, some TV shows, and some music are played through the HTPC (Depending on what format I have them in), which currently has HDMI to the TV, and analog audio to the pre. I should be able to push audio over HDMI if I upgraded to an appropriate receiver.

    The XBOX is composite, but I may be looking at a 360 or PS3 in the future (hoping prices continue to drop with the new generation coming). Even so, I would still like to have some RCA connections available for more vintage gaming (have a SNES as well).

    The CDP is analog, with no immediate plans to go optical. If it ceases to work, it would probably be the next step.

    My biggest problem is with the CATV. Currently, I have it hooked directly to the TV. Unfortunately, the only output my TV has is a digital one. I cruised on down to RadioShack and picked up a cheap DAC, but I'm still not getting any sound output. The TV manual says it may not output on all channels due to DRM, but I don't get anything on any of them. Do I need to be looking at a new TV with different options for output?

    So, the main question is, what would be a good HT receiver that would satisfy the requirements? Of course, budget is a concern, and I'd be looking in the $250-300 range if possible. Options above this range would be considered, but I may have to wait to find a deal before purchasing.

    Any help is appreciated!


    Ludicrous gibs!

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    Have you considered the Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11? Might be a good solution for you if it has enough inputs.
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