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Thread: suggestions

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    Default suggestions

    i'm going to go out buy surround speakers and sub, any suggustions on what would be good to match polk audio r50 front speakers.

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    yes, a nice HDTV would match REAL nice. lol

    sorry.. i couldn't resist that set up.

    SVS subs seem to have taken the home theater and music listeners by storm. you can't go wrong with an SVS subwoofer.. if you are looking for deep, acurate, percise bass response.

    Josh, for surrounds.. it depends on how much you want to spend.. and what your room is lay out is like. the FXi30's would be awesome.... but i've heard other people really like RTi28's or Rti38's for surrounds. My preference was to go with the FXi30's. it's the newer version of the ones i have.
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    with the r50's i would go w/ 28's or 38's IMO i had the R50's before i upgraded to the 70's.they are good fronts for entry level for a sub a svs would be nice but what is your $$ situation. not saying anything but when i had my 50's i sure as hellcouldnt afford an svs...wait i still cant (at the moment) velvodyne's are a good affordable sub as well as polks psw series
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