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Thread: Pesky SL-2000s

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    Default Pesky SL-2000s

    If your like me, when you changed out your SL-2000s, they wound up sitting on a shelf gathering dust. Like all spare parts I wind up with, I figure I'll use them somewhere. Well today I finally found a use for a pair of SL-2000s. I picked up a pair of Bozak Sonoras a couple of weeks ago. Not a bad bookshelf speaker, decent bass, really nice mids, but the high end was very tinny and grating. I changed out the cap to a Dayton film which helped a little bit, but not enough.

    So the other day I got the idea I might try retrofitting a pair of SL-2000s to the Bozaks. I did a little research and found that the crossover points were very close, as were the values of the caps. This afternoon I pulled the Bozak tweeters to make sure the would physically fit without doing to much modification to the baffle. I found that fitting the SL-2000s would be very simple and went ahead and mounted them. Buttoned everything back up and sat down for a listen.

    I know the SL-2000 has it's faults, but it sounds a lot better than the original in this application. Now the Bozaks have a nice smooth high end that integrates nicely with the woofer. They have a sound that reminds me of JBL monitors, clear and detailed, and kind of up front and in your face. I need to do some more listening, but what I've heard so far I like.
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    Nicely re-purposed!

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