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    Default Breaking Bad Fans Here?

    Final episode has aired, I'm about to watch it. No spoilers in this thread in case somebody opens it that hasn't seen it yet. Just curious if there are any Breaking Bad fans here.

    I'm a little sad it's over but at least Walking Dead is coming back soon.
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    Sep 2013


    Great show. awesome ending and that's all I'll say!

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    What a series.

    The last episode was great.

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    Breaking Bad quickly became one of my favorite shows of all time! I kept hearing about it, and hearing about it, so I started watching it on Netflix... finally catching up between seasons 4 and 5. Then I watched week-by-week for the entire 5th season. The writing is brilliant, and the acting is incredible. I'll miss the show, but I'm glad it went out on top. It needed to have an ending, and the writers did it justice.

    I'm not sure if I'll watch the Saul spin-off though (if it happens). I don't think they can make it as interesting...

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    Definitely my favorite show and sad to see it go. It's crazy how Breaking Bad and Dexter went in opposite directions this season. I'll give the Better Call Saul a shot since Vince will be a part of it along with the writer who created Saul. If they bring back Gus and Mike that would be awesome.

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    Amazing show after I found out about it and got caught up. So much to say about it. I will say the episode before the last could of been a bit better IMO.
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    Easily the Best show on TV in the last 3 yrs..
    I loved it, glad it went out on Top, where as Dexter failed to deliver in the last show..
    Long Live Walter White the Best BadAss on TV in yrs..

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    Tied things up a little to nicely IMO.

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    Fantastic show! One of my all time favorites. I think the final episode was the perfect ending. Tied up the loose ends and didn't leave us hanging. Well done!
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    One of my all time favorite shows, going to miss it! Walter being abducted by aliens to cook blue space meth, who saw that ending coming!?!?
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