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    Default NAD C375 connection issues

    Is anyone familiar with the NAD C375 integrated amp?

    It has 2 line out pairs marked Pre1 and Pre2 that the manual states can be
    connected to another power amp. I am trying to get a powered sub to work
    without messing around with the speaker cables, and when connected to
    the Pre1 outs, the amp sends sound to the sub, but not the main speakers.

    From the manual text [see below] the amp would appear to be able to do
    what I need for the sub to work, but either I am confused or something is
    broken somewhere.

    Does the amp's behavior seem like 'Working As Designed' or am I just
    missing something obvious?

    thanks and any help appreciated,


    ----- from NAD C375 manual -----

    8 PRE OUT 1: The PRE OUT 1 sockets can be used to drive an additional
    power amplifier. Use a twin RCA-to-RCA lead to connect to the left and
    right "Audio Input" of the Power amplifier or processor to the PRE OUT 1
    Always turn the C375BEE and associated external power amplifiers OFF
    before connecting or disconnecting anything to the PRE OUT 1 sockets.
    The PRE OUT 1 output signal will be affected by the C375BEE's volume
    and tone control settings.


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    How do you have the amp hooked up? Do you have the jumpers from the Main in to the pre-out 2 in place and the speakers wired to the C375? Or are you running the speakers off a power amp that is connected to the C375?

    Just trying to figure out what you're doing. I've taken a look at the manual and it does look like there are two pre-outs that should both be operational. Hopefully, someone else who knows this particular NAD configuration will jump in, because it is a little unusual.

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    Good morning cnh, and thanks for your quick reply.

    The C375 has the M7's and the M70's directly connected on A and B.

    The jumper is in place between Main and Pre2. The manual states
    that this is the default position. I did remove it to try Pre2, but that
    didn't work either.

    From my reading of the manual, Pre1 should be a better choice. If it
    worked... can't think of why it doesn't... not making sense that the
    speakers should cut out just because Pre1 is sending the signal to
    the sub.

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    OK, to close this out, got a response from NAD support and things got better.

    It turns out that the small vol control next to the Pre2 outs does more than control the signal to a device connected to Pre2.

    If a device is connected to the Pre1 outs then that control also sets the level of the signal back into the mains, even though the Pre1 device volume is controlled by the main volume control. This is not something the manual mentions, and never having used it, the Pre2 vol control was by default set to zero.

    So it's all good, and while these are my first powered subs, have always been a sub-woofer skeptic for 2 channel, am thinking they really do make a positive difference with the old M7's. And the M70's already sounded better in the smaller room, but the subs improve them as well.

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