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Thread: Squirrel ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyb View Post
    Nope, not a Sugar glider either, thought of that too but the feet, nose, ears, and markings are way different.

    Yep, this little guy was definitely fed by hand at some point. He took the nut, never attempted to bite either seeing he was scared for his life. He was starving, and thought it might be his last supper if the dog got to him before me. Interesting to say the least, where he came from and how long has he been here.

    In my office, like any other office, I have a garbage can and the usual wrappers and such get tossed in. The dog never goes in it, but a few times over the course of the last month or so the garbage has been tossed on the floor in the morning when I go in there. I have been yelling at the dog, but apparently she was framed. I'll have to offer my apologies with a steak tonight.
    LMAO.. Double LMAO if you wake up & your little buddy is looking right at ya wanting more viddles ----great thread cause laughter is good
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    Tony, as you know, its tough living in IL, even if your a squirrel ......

    Sounds like he needed a "handout" before he would settle down
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    Maybe it was a Secret Squirrel on a training mission ??
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    We also live in the woods and are surrounded by creatures of nature -- field mice, squirrels, chipmunks, coyotes, foxes, white-tail deer, raccoons, wild turkeys, fishers, etc. Only the fishers are a bit frightening.

    I'm very careful about attracting wild critters of any kind. When I was a college student living in a fraternity, we had a baby squirrel who invaded the house. Of course, we all thought it was cute, and many of the brothers played with it. We fed it. It had a tendency to nip at our fingers.

    Well, to make a long story short, it turned out that it had contracted rabies, and about 50 of the brothers had to go through the rabies-shot routine -- not fun.

    A good rule of thumb, we were told, is "Don't treat wild animals as if they are or can become domestic pets. It is not good for them and not good for you."

    I apologize for throwing a wet blanket on an entertaining thread.
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    Maybe tonight I'll leave National Geographic playing on the TV with a bowl of popcorn and see if any more show up. I'm thinking where's the one, there's more. Definitely have to hide the remote though, no surfing squirrel porn for those little dudes.

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