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    Default Boss Amp and MM5251 plus MM840dvc - basic passive crossover

    I am new to the audio world. I have a BOSS AR1600.2, and some polk speakers I want to hook up to my motorcycle. The image below kind of shows the configuration. As noted, the Left and Right speakers in the diagram actually represent the Crossovers, Woofers and Tweeters that come with the MM5251.

    Lacking specifics on the included crossovers, do I even need to add a high pass capacitor for the woofer/tweeter circuit?

    MM840dvc Subwoofer issues: 2ohms in parallel vs 8ohms in series... AND/OR do I only use one of the voice coils (at 4ohms)?

    12db or 24db per octave? 80Hz? 100Hz? How do I calculate the required inductor/cap values?

    One last consideration: Power. The motorcycle doesn't have the capacity a car would. Does one configuration have a significant power savings over another, or am I pretty much stuck with whatever the amplifier requires?

    I am wide open to any and all suggestions.

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    Default After chatting with Polk Tech Support...

    The crossover included with the MM5251 only deals with the high frequencies being split out to the tweeters. That means I will need to add a high pass filter. I am looking at 100Hz so that would be a 100V 330uF, non-directional, cap on each line. And a 6.5mH inductor to match on the sub input.

    Also, I will have to wire the dual voice coil sub in series (for 8ohms) since the amp won't support the 2ohm option. Simply wiring up one voice coil (for 4ohms) is not an option as it would damage the unused coil.

    As far as power is concerned, I am just going to wire it up and see how much current it is drawing. I'll try to get back with those numbers.

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