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    Default New headphones from Polk...

    I thought CP members might like to find out about some new headphones a day before the rest of the world:

    Enjoy, Ken

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    That's some good looking gear coming out, couple of things in that bunch that I'll be looking at.
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    Heck yeah, those look QUITE nice. I might have to pick up a pair. I liked the over the ear Polks I auditioned minus the noise cancelling part.

    I might pick a set or two or three of these up for me and my wife! .

    Thanks for the "advance" notice Ken!
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    Hinge? Look too much like the Dre's!

    Buckle, more interesting at that price point.

    Not a fan of "in ear" phones. Cans of "last resort". But "youngsters" love them. Maybe my "daughter", she's a teenager?

    I think the most interesting product here is the Woodbourne (depending on how it "sounds"). That's a spot that has a lot of competition and most of the products in that class kinda suck, IMHO! Hopefully, Polk has a winner. Now where are the Lady Gaga AD blitzes!!!!! Need a spokesperson to make Polk cool?

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    Thanks for the heads up. Curious to hear how they sound. Especially interested in the Hinge and the Nu Voe's. Just in time for Xmas, I'll probably give them a whirl.

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    The new collection looks awesome..especially that buckled headphones..the design is just great..i bet the sound is terrific as well.

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    Any plans for an open backed headphone with velour (or something very comfy) pads?
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    The collection also has it's own microsite:

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