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Thread: Interconnects

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    Default Interconnects

    Anyone have any experience with Outlaw interconnects? Right now I am using monster but was thinking of changing them out. Outlaw looks to have some pretty nice PCA and PSA cables.

    Also, any real difference between copper and silver?
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    i have a limited amount of experience with silver cables..

    I used to use a RCA interconnect from catcables.. called a Silvercat. beautiful cable.. nicely made.

    thing i know about silver interconnects is that they seem to open up your upper end highs. if your system is bright enough already... then i'd say silver is not for you. that was my problem.. there was no way for me to tame the harsh brightness i was getting from silver wires.

    good luck if you decide to try them out.. and yeah they are more expensive than copper based cables.

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