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    Default Paul Darbee has passed away...

    "Paul Darbee, founder and CEO of DarbeeVision, passed away on Monday, September 23rd, in Santa Ana, California. He was 66.

    A truly visionary inventor and entrepreneur with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Paul’s passion for all things combined with his engineering prowess allowed him to create some truly remarkable, one-of-a-kind technologies. The concept of taking something from the glimmer of an idea to a global phenomenon appealed greatly to Paul, and he made pursuing this his life’s work. From the universal remote control to the revolutionary image processing capabilities of DVP, Paul used his love of physics and math to create ways to enhance lives through technology.

    For all of those lucky enough to have spent time with Paul, one thing was quickly evident – he had a sheer exuberance that could not be denied. From a well-timed, self-effacing quip to a thorough explanation of neurophysiology and brain theory, Paul‘s curiosity about how the world works and his outright enthusiasm for all things cerebral were contagious. People would come away from conversations with him feeling just a bit smarter than before. He had a keen sense of humor and inexorable wit, and he had a smile that lit up the room.

    In addition to founding DarbeeVision, Paul held several U.S. patents in the fields of digital imaging, home automation, and consumer electronics. He guest lectured at Chapman University and mentored at their eVillage. He served on several panels, including CES and NCTA. As a member of Tech Coast Angels, he gave talks about patents and advised up-and-coming entrepreneurs. He was also a baseball aficionado who could be found umpiring youth games, with his characteristic enthusiasm, in his spare time.

    Speaking of the technology he invented – in his own words – “It produces a stunning effect and I thought it would be a wonderful thing to somehow bring to the world.” His family and company are deeply saddened by his passing, yet are determined to continue on with Paul’s life work to achieve his ultimate dream: having his technology inventions in the homes of people all over the globe. He will live on in the hearts of all who knew him, and through the legacy of his inventions."

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    No way!!! how sad

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    Another great one passes away. When I was watching the Emmy Awards a couple of weeks ago, during the In Memoriam section of the show, Ray Dolby got barely a smattering of applause from the audience , sad indeed.....

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