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    Default Slowly building my HT up.

    Hi all, I am slowly building up my ideal HT system here in Aussie.

    I have replaced 2 x Sherwood 10'subs with a SVS PB 12NSD It will be connected up tomorrow along with my new FXiA6's.

    I upgraded my AV Receiver from an older Onkyo 876 to the Pioneer SC LX 86. Similar specs but the Pioneer seems to be a lot
    better. It is also a lot newer obviously.

    I realise I need a power amp but at 5k for the Sunfire tga 7401 here in Aussie it's going to have to wait for a bit. In the
    meantime the rest of the system is brilliant, well to me anyway.

    Cheers for now

    Polk RTiA9
    Polk CSiA6
    Polk FXiA6
    Proson surr
    Pioneer SC86
    Rotel 1575
    RTiA3 to go somewhere

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    Nice HT system
    You can save yourself some coin and purchase a 2 or 3 channel amp for your towers and/or center channel. Great choice on the Pioneer SC. It's more than adequate to handle the center and surrounds with the class D amp modules.

    Home Theater:Samsung8000-55LED,Pioneer SC35, Pioneer DV-79AVi, Sunfire TGA7201, LSi25, LCi RTSc, LC80i
    2chnl system:Melody 101 tube pre, Pass XA30.5 amp, Usher MD2 speakers, W4S Dac, MG Audio Planus2 speaker cables
    Office rig: Modwright KWI-200 Integrated, Dynaudio C1-II Signatures

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