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Thread: Polk LSI9 DOA

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    Unhappy Polk LSI9 DOA

    I purchased a pair of LSI9's to match my first pair (love 'em) on ebay and one arrived DOA. No exterior damage to speaker at all visible, though packing was pretty shabby. A review of the crossover board revealed that two small pieces of the corner were
    cracked and pushed away from the main board. I pushed them back into place but it made no difference. My Pioneer sx-1050 willnot click on when hooked to this speaker, perhaps indicating a short? I will negotiate with the seller but am trying to find a way to get the speaker to work. Any help would be appreciated.


    Gene Stangel

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    Sorry to hear about your issue. You could pull the crossover from the functional speaker and try on the one that is "DOA" to confirm that it is a crossover problem. I know its a pain because you have to pull the whole wiring harness and pull drivers from both speakers, but you could confirm the problem this way. At that point you could try to order a replacement XO or see if you can trace the short for a repair. the schematic is available here:

    if you scroll down. Another option would be to upgrade the XO if you looking for an improvement:

    I have the stock XO minus inductors, wires to the binding posts, and wiring harness if you truly get stuck.
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    Good idea..

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    Random but I'm pretty sure I saw the pair you are talking about if they were literally just on ebay. There's a set I was watching. Good luck!
    Too many good quotes to list..waiting for some fresh ammo. :)

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    Thanks for the help... I was able to get the DOA speaker alive by pushing hard on the cracked corner of the crossover board so seller has agreed to replace it. However, I noticed significantly lower tweeter output from the good speaker of the set compared to the
    DOA when I got it going and my other LSI9s. I would say about half the level, causing the overall sound to be muddy for these
    speakers. Could this be a problem with the crossover in that speaker although it showed no noticeable damage? I swapped tweeters and same result. Wondering if I should ask for two crossovers or just return all of it.

    Thanks much

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