I recently purchased and received the Polk Woodbourne, which i'll review at a later date. I wanted to give an FYI to folks that may be buying this as well as to Polk CS.

This is strictly for setting up the Woodbourne for wifi connectivity. Some of us use whats called "MAC Filtering" as a security measure on our routers at home. (please do NOT hijack this thread and make it a network security tips and tricks battle, cause I know YOU want to) I looked in the literature, on the Woodbourne and even on the box to see if the MAC address was listed somewhere, which it was not. I was hoping that the App used to connect to it would show the MAC address, sure enough it didn't. I finally went into my router, turned off MAC filtering, allowed the Woodbourne to connect, then looked at the router again to see the latest connected device and finally, wrote down the MAC address. I re-enabled MAC filtering, added in the Woodbourne and got connected.

Did I miss something? If not, is this a feasible fix for Polk...

Update the App used to connect via USB on your iOS device and have it display the MAC address of the Woodbourne in App. The App developer and your engineers would know better than I would if it's doable.

Wasn't a huge deal for me at all, but some people it may be.

BTW, i'm having lots of fun with the Woodbourne!