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    Default Difficulty mixing and matching.

    I have Monitor 10 B's, with RDO 194's on the way, and am having the damnedest time trying to build a HT around them. I ended up with a CS 20, which sticks out badly but is a great speaker for the price, and, now, a CS 350 LS, which matched the monitors better but lacks the very high frequency response, and upper bass of the CS 20. It's becoming obnoxious. Anyways, I'll sell the CS 20, and grab two for the rear. I was wondering how any of the following might mesh with those 3 in the front: LS F/X (dipole; matches CS 350, but has small cones :/ ), or the RTi38 (large enough cone, but i do not know if that generation of RTi is too distant from the Monitor 10's), or the F/X 1000 (obviously my first pick but they are more expensive and with busted boxes; also concerned with how modern the drivers are, as far as timbre matching with the rest). Since it's not the side speakers, I shouldn't be too concerned with the multi-directional drivers, my main concern is not having surround that stand out like the CS 20 did, or not be so small that they can't bring a full-bodied sound from the rear. Any opinions or thoughts on this matter would be welcome .

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    I should have put this in "Vintage Speakers"... A forum-using pro, I am not...

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