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    Default Thank you Polk Audio! (speaker issue i had is fixed)

    I've had a pair of rti10's that i bought last month, right out of the box one of them had an issue with the tweeter on my right speaker not putting out any sound. after checking the connections and testing the tweeter itself and calling Polk we came to the conclusion that it was probably the crossover and i was sent a new crossover. after finishing my speaker surgery today everything works perfect now!

    Feel free to delete this if you want, I just wanted customer service to see the thank you!

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    They are the best.
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    Why delete a good review. time to Enjoy your speakers now :)i
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    Great when everything works out, enjoy!
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    Always good to hear of a company standing behind the product. This was one of the factors as to why I bought Polk last weekend. Enjoy your speakers and bring life to the music!
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