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    Quote Originally Posted by robinofsherwood View Post
    I ordered mine in July! I received the A21 amp that I ordered at the same time, a couple of weeks later. Since then I've been using a new OPPO 105 connected directly to the A21 using the balanced connectors and KimberKable Hero cable. This has been a wonderful experience making me wonder if I need the P5 after all!
    Very nice! If its sounding nice, why bother? I have been dreaming of a simple OPPO /HALO 2 ch setup myself.
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    2 Ch Dreaming...hoping to purchase, build someday
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    Anybody read or heard anything further on this? Inquiring minds would like to know.....
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    Looking for new homes....
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    Woohoo!!!! Just got my e mail from AA,it's shipping today!
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    SpeakerLab in Seattle thought they might be getting some next week, but she hadn't confirmed.

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    Mine arrived last week...... So there they are Halo P5, Halo A21, and Oppo BDP 105 (multi area/field Version) giving me an great taste of whats to come. Because of home interior issues they currently are coupled with polk SDA 1C's not the modded SDA SRS's with Trey's VR3 monastery crossovers. That pairing will have to wait awhile.
    I'm very happy nonetheless.

    I have various bits and pieces of turntable history none of it quite ready.... an old SME 9" arm with sure V15 type II cartridge, a B&O linear tracking turntable with cartridge. So I suppose I need to be looking for a modern replacement.
    I'm using my Dell computer monitor as a display so that's yet another thing I need to replace!
    I have been a fan of 3D photography since I was a boy and now it's so simple to scan and show the 3D images taken over the years on the new TV's. Today I use digital 3D cameras.

    I'm just beginning to discover the incredible variety of options that the Oppo is presenting me, one of which has truly surprised me, Youtube! I have a lot to discover and learn..........What fun!

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    I am actually in the market to get one of these. Just debating on black or silver. Hmmm
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    hrm I"m now eyeing one of these P5's up to head up my big system...waiting for reviews to come in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigaudiofanatic View Post
    I am actually in the market to get one of these. Just debating on black or silver. Hmmm
    If I were in the market for some SS gear (and had the funds) I would have the new P5 and the A21 in looking equipment.
    SDA CRS+4.1TL's/Modded SDA 1C's/Modded SDA SRS 3.1 TL's/Modded SDA SRS 2.3TL

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    Quote Originally Posted by ratster View Post
    Woohoo!!!! Just got my e mail from AA,it's shipping today!
    I am real close to pulling the trigger on one of these. I see you are only a couple hours away and wondering if you have been happy with it? How does the phono section compare to an external phono preamp if you have an previous experience in that area? Also curious as to how the built in dac may compare to under $600 external dac's. Shoot me a PM and we can discuss further via phone if possible.

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