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    Default Add another PSW 505 or ???

    I'm sure this is covered under one of the million threads, but I've read 100k threads and I'm just not sure. Do I think I need an extra sub? eh... do I want an extra sub... Yes.

    This is for my living room/HT

    My setup:
    Sony DN1040
    2x Polk TSI 500
    1x Polk CS20
    4x Polk TSI 200(surrounds)
    1x Polk PSW 505

    Budget - Up to $500(or more if worth it)

    Size - nothing super massive, but bigger then the psw by 6" or what not is ok.

    Room Dimension - 22' x 18' x 10'h

    Primary uses - 50% Tv shows / 40% HT / 10% Gaming

    Listening Habits - Watching movies I will crank it up!

    Appearance - This is in my living room, and my TSI-200's hanging from the ceiling is pushing it with my wife...

    Timeframe - days-months...depending on price.

    Position - to left or right of TV or both

    Side problem not directly related to question:
    I have some aura bass shakers in my two recliners being pushed by a small Dayton 50x2 amp. I have two wired in series connected to one channel. On my Sony AVR I had to crank my sub output all the way up, and turned down the volume knob on the sub itself just to feel the bass shakers.

    Could this just be my amp is just not powerful enough to get those little dudes to shake? I have been meaning to get another amp to try I just haven't yet...

    I bring this up that if I get two subs, would It be difficult to keep the bass down low enough to not feel over boomy with the increase the DB+ sub volume on my avr?

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    central Texas, trailer court on right


    I would probably look at the SVS PB1000. I've read some pretty good reviews on this sub. Will dig lower than the PSW 505, and add some mid-bass punch. Of course at $499, it is quite a bit more expensive, and it will probably put the idea in your head that bass can be really good, so I want more.

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