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    Question Sonos connect:amp and high speaker location: speaker recs?

    I was hoping to solicit recommendations on speakers for a sound system I am upgrading. the room is 20x20 with 12 ft ceilings. it is not perfectly square so the speakers presently mounted are only approximately in the corners.
    a sonos connect amp is the power source 55w per channels. 2 channels. my concern is the high location and asymmetrical location of the speakers.
    this system is for pleasure listening but sound quality need be very good. I am considering integrating these speakers with the a Sonos soundbar which is mostly for movie watching. A subwoofer is a consideration as well.
    I would appreciate some advise on speakers that are smallish but can be wall mounted. The OWM 5 look like a good fit.
    thank you for some insights.
    tim p

    also any thoughts about wiring 2 speakers to each channel. :-)

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    Whats the objective here ? Just 2 channel casual listening, or movies/HT ? I'm afraid if your thinking of playing movies, you've bought the wrong gear.

    Sonos is good for casual music listening, wireless streaming. To get quality sound out of a Sonos standard unit you need a separate dac, lossless files. Notice I said "quality" sound. The Sonos soundbar is ok to better the speakers that came with the tv but for a large room it isn't going to impress that much. I've owned the connect amp, sent it back pronto. You'll get better sound with a cheap receiver and a ZP90.....and more options with speakers to run with a receiver.

    Btw, do not connect 2 speakers to one channel. What you need is a receiver.

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    better would be a multichannel amp and use the Connect as a preamp. Not the Connect amp.
    My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mantis View Post
    better would be a multichannel amp and use the Connect as a preamp. Not the Connect amp.
    Not really, if he went that route he'd just need a ZP90, not the connect, which is considerably more coin. Sonos is pretty good about taking product back.

    Still want to figure what his overall game plan is, what he wants to accomplish, because if it's just music listening, he could get away with the connect amp and a speaker selector switch to run 4 speakers but on the HT front, that's not what Sonos does.

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