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    Default Odyssey Kismet Stereo

    I have only had my Odyssey Audio Kismet Stereo for a week and I know it is probably too early to really assess its capabilities (still not broke in) but man am I one happy camper. I purchased the amp from Klaus at the Capitol Audio Fest at the end of July, all the internal wiring is their Groneberg stuff, along with WBT speaker terms and 160,000 uf of caps.

    My old amp was a Parasound 2250 New Classic, so the observations below are in comparison to it.

    First off much better bass control, punchier with a lot less overhang, very quick.

    Second much smoother midrange and highs, with the Parasound it always seemed the vocalist was in my lap. This is amp is very neutral and musical.

    Im surprised at how much better CDs sound compared to my usual vinyl listening habit, I guess the smoothness contributes to that.

    Now I wait to see how much better it will get. I must say leaving it plugged in and on all the time will take a little getting used to, Klaus indicated the caps need to stay charged in order for the amp to sounds its best. There was a huge improvement after about three days, initially the presentation was flat and lacked dynamics.

    I really feel I got high end performance at a mid fi price.

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    That's a sweet amp and an awesome rig you've got there! Congrats man.
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    Never heard an Odyssey amp. Looks very nice and I'm gld you are enjoying the audio sir. Enjoy!
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    I can think of a couple of vocalists I'd like to have on my lap.

    Enjoy your new amp.

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    Always fun to have new toys, enjoy!
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