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    Default Review - Shunyata Zytron Alpha Digital power cable

    I posted this in the Electronics forum, but realized it is also applicable here. I hope it is beneficial.

    Shunyata has introduced a new type of power cord, the Zytron Alpha Digital, that in addition to providing the usual Shunyata goodness to power also acts a filter to noise generated by digital gear. It is designed for digital file players, DACs, and CD players.

    "As the name implies, the Alpha Digital power cord was developed by Caelin Gabriel to target and measurably reduce the extreme high-frequency noise generated by all types of digital electronics, whether in audio or video applications. The noise reducing property of the Alpha Digital is so significant that this can be objectively measured using a Power Analyzer. More importantly, even a brief evaluation will yield an unmistakable, dramatic improvement in sound or video."

    Two weeks ago I received a Zytron Alpha for my Bryston BDP-1 digital file player (a single purpose Linux based computer). Since at the same time I also purchased a Shunyata Cyclops power conditioner for my amps, along with an Anaconda power cable for the Cyclops, I installed the Alpha on my Blueray player. I wanted to evaluate the Cyclop's effect on my amps without having another variable in the equation. Last night I was comfortable enough with the two-channel sound to move the Alpha onto the Bryston in the two-channel system.

    Anyway, the only thing I can say here is WOW! This power cable is freaking, fracking, f**king awesome! I cannot believe the improvement I am hearing. I literally stayed up last night until 10 AM this morning listening to this cable. Previously, I had a Zytron Cobra on the Bryston, and it is no slouch, but the Alpha far exceeds it.

    I have to steal a phrase used in a review of the Bryston BDA-2 DAC where the reviewer stated the BDA-2 removed a 'digital haze' from the music, a haze that wasn't apparent until it was gone. While I also noticed that when I upgraded to the BDA-2, I have to say this Alpha cable takes that a step further. I spent hours last night listening to rock songs ripped from CDs of varying recording quality, and without exception they all sounded better. A lot better. There is a greatly reduced glare, and I am able to crank these tunes while not experiencing fatigue from listening at these high levels. Currently, I am in classical mode, and the instruments are just coming out of a deep, silent background. It's just amazing.

    I do have to admit I am a bit disappointed in that this once again points out that everything can be improved. I am at a pretty good level at this time with cabling and power, and really could not imagine it being much better. Wrong. This one cable has made an incredible positive improvement. So much so that I am going to order another for the DAC, and maybe the Blueray player.

    I admit I do sound like a broken record when it comes to praising Shunyata, but that is only because their gear works. I have never felt buyers remorse after spending money on their products since every one has been a step up. While it is possible other cable vendors might accidentally stumble onto a working product, I will continue putting my money into a company that uses science and solid engineering in their design, and has no problem with explaining how their cables work. There is no voodoo here, just solid engineering. From the low cost Venom and into the more expensive cables, each cable, and power conditioner, I have purchased has been amazing.

    Two thumbs up for the Zytron Alpha Digital power cord.

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    Nice review!

    Some would say seeing is believing,

    but in this case I guess hearing is believing :) .... sounds like a great experience.
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