Put some ribs on the smoker today and decided to tweak a little:

I moved the LSi F/X's to the L/R side positions, and moved the LSi 9's to the rear positions.

The F/X's are in DIPOLE mode, and the 9's are Vr# Fortress modded. I reran Audessy, and plugged in Steely Dan's Gaucho on DTS cd.

Haven't had chance to listen to a blu ray disc yet, but it is a change in the soundstage for sure; Leaves me wondering the the 7's would be adequate in place of the 9's, but the bass from the 9's is very accurate musically in this config.

Should I swap left and right with them in the rear position?

Just a note on the LSi C.

I have read a lot of posters and other reviews and comments on the LSi C saying that it is somewhat inadequate in an LSi HT config. I don't see that and am wondering if those comments are from users using under powered AVR's? Moving it about 8" out from the wall makes it sound much better, and placement is key and I find it produces dialog and vocals very nicely, and would wonder what others might think would be a more suitable center?

Time for football!!!