I have been following the Polk forum for years but have never posted. The forum has contributed a greatly to by A/V education.

I currently own the Panasonic TCP58VT25. I have owed this TV for over 2 yrs still consider it to be a great performer. However with the probably exit of Panasonic for the plasma market in 2014 I am considering getting the 60VT60 or 60ST60 in the near future before they become exterict. VT would be the preference while the ST may better fit the budget. In my opinion plasma is currency the better option over LCD-LED, 4K or OLED. The question is whether I will see considerable improvement in PQ over the the VT25. I don't think I seen a post comparing these TV's in black levels or features etc. The options I think would be to keep using the VT25 until OLED becomes viable.

A/V Recvr - Pioneer SC55
Amp -Adcom GF 5503
BD Player - Oppo 103
Fr -RTi12
Ctr- CSi5
Surr -RTi6