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    Default odd problem w/ stereo and tv

    I noticed this a ways back and now I think it's time for a possible explanation.Generally when I watch tv I use the Yamaha as the avr and the Klipsch smalls and all is well w/ the world . Now on occassion I go through and use my Adcom/Onkyo set up and I audio mute the Yamaha.What's happening is I'm only getting 1 side out of any of my speakers that I use ,doesn't matter whether Polks,DCM or ADC only 1 side.Now if I go into audio 2 which I use for i-net radio, regular FM radio or any source through the Yamaha I get full stereo at all speakers priviously mentioned.Why would only 1 side or channel work in tv and then all other modes give me full stereo.This should mot matter but the way I have all hooked up is a HDMI from tv to cable box>another HDMI from tv into ouput port of Yamaha for on screen YAPO and then a RCA from cable box to Yamaha(audio 1) so this way I can listen to tunes and watch silent tv like a game or whatever.I've done it this way for years and always worked for me.Also I have a RCA pair from audio out of the Yamaha into tuner in on the Onkyo again to pick up every source the Yamaha provides into my 2-chl rig.

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    never mind I found the problem.I did check to see if the cables were seated right and they were but did not check for a beat cable.I ran a temp RCA and it worked.I was lucky enough to have another complete set long enough and it all works, no harm no foul and I think just writing the thread got me to think about it some more and it's resolved. Slap me silly it's the simple sh%t that gets you sometimes.

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