Hi I have some fairly new POLK LSI-9 in Ebony. I have pretty much left them on bookshelf for the longest time but one day I was moving them and took them off of bookshelf, with one hand holding the back mount/rear port panel part and one hand on the bottom of the speaker.. somehow my handling of the back mount/rear port panel part put enough stress on one of the mount locations that the plastic there cracked and discolored somewhat..

I called Polk CS and the rep tried to help me find a replacement in their warehouse and he found one, but it looked like a prototype or something, because on the back (covered when u mount it to speaker) it had some marking in silver pen, and the the plastic was different (textured) from my original, which was smooth.

I'm not sure if this forum or WTB or where is the most appropriate, but does anyone happen to have an LSI9 speaker that for one reason or another they are planning to throw away, but happens to have that back mount/rear port panel piece in new condition still? If so, would you be willing to take it off and ship it to me? I'd pay for shipping.

Thanks in advance for your replies.