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    Default Polk Lsi25 with a Yaqin ms-20L

    Is it possible to combine a pair of Polk Lsi25 speakers with this Yaqin tube amp?

    There are some really good deals out there for the Polk Lsi25, but if this is not a good match what other speakers in this price range would be a good fit ($1300.00)

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    I'd take the lsim703 over the lsi25. Either one Should do well with that amp. What kind of sound are you looking for? I wouldn't buy a speaker for my main rig just because they're on clearance.
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    I run my LSIM703's with my Yaqin MC-100B and they sing. I also ran my LSI 9's with the Yaqin... Volume never gets past 12:00 and they are sweet using it in triad mode (app 30 wpc)
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