I heard this performed live last night and decided to buy the album, thought I'd share. I'm not ready to write a review after only one listen, but jazz fans will want to check this out.

It's hard to describe this album, best advice I can give is to head over to their website and have a listen as the full album is there. Some thoughts I jotted down while listening were: Danny Elfman writes music for a jazz ensemble, Frank Zappa without all the silliness, avante garde but more listenable, irregular meters, lots of tempo shifting, polyphonic horn section that reminds me of Ellington. It's almost as if they wanted to incorporate EVERY element from jazz in the last century into a single album and yet keep a coherent sound that's somewhat accessible.

This album is not as listenable or palpable as something like Time Out or Kind of Blue, but is easier than something like Bitches Brew IMO. So yeah there's a certain level of effort that goes into listening to this album, but it's not crazy over the top and in the grand scheme of jazz anyway is fairly accessible.

I bought the FLAC download directly from them (link below) and the sound quality is very good.