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    FYI there are people here that would take a pair of TL'd 2B's over a pair of the 1's. Especially if they are 1A's.
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    That makes me feel better, I was going by the 4 drivers must be better than 2 mentality.

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    Well, I was FINALLY able to hook the SDA-2Bs up to the Pioneer SC-63 after all this time. They sound very nice. Good clarity and I pick out a lot of stuff I didn't notice on the other combo. Definitely glad I was talked in to purchasing them, thanks for the help finding them on Craigslist.

    They do have less bass than my RC-55i/10" Dayton Audio sub combo, but it's hard to compete with a dedicated sub.

    Ripping everything to FLAC has helped the overall system a lot too.

    What is surprising, and probably unbelievable, is how good the RC-55i, Dayton Audio sub and Dayton Audio 40w/channel setup actually sounds. Not as good as the SDA-2B/SC-63 combo, but pretty close.

    I also grabbed some Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 computer speakers. It's intriguing to me how every speaker sounds just a little different, with different elements of the music being more, or less, prevalent.

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