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    Default What would you recommend?

    I just got a Hifonics Zuez z440 Amp im not sure on the ohms or whatever but it says 110x4 on it. i was wonderin what kinda wire should i run an if thats good for my infinity kappa 6x9s 3-way there 4ohms independant an 100w rms 330peak (each) or should i run them to my 5 1/4's an tweeters (stock) i plan on gettin another mm124 which would make 2 cause i already have one an gettin a US Amps 1000x for that. but thats alittle bit later. also im probably upgrading my stock 5 1/4's to polk momo 5 1/4 + tweets component system in a few weeks. so any recommendations for my situation would be well appreciated, thnx. -steve

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    This post makes my brain hurt.

    Dude, you need to clarify your statements there, all I got out of it was what size wire you need. I'd recommend 12 guage speaker wire for that. Those Zeus amps will push some power and are probably under-rated in my experience. As far as anything else in your questions, I'm not sure what you are asking for.

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