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    Default How The H-e-double Hocky Sticks???

    i forgot how to add pic to the fourm???
    --MARANTZ SR18ex 140wpc x 5 (high current/direct amp)thx-ex "ultra"
    electrohome tube amp 15watt. pr channel(aprox.1955a.d.) for 2 channel audio{recently recapped& tubed-5ar4power rect. & 12au7)
    -kenwood amp(km-996/140wpc(used for 7.1 rears(thx ex)
    -toshiba dvd video/audio player(progressive scan) sd-4700
    -sony sacd cd player scd-xe670
    -nakamichi "music bank cd player "6+1disk(20bit dac)
    -toshiba hifi vcr (v3 pro head)
    -motorola digital cable box
    -RCA 32' "home theater" PIP tv
    -polk RT800i x 2 (mains) ~bi-wired
    -polk sc400i x 1 (center) ~bi-wired
    -polk fx300i x 2 (side fx) ~di-pole
    -polk r10 x 2 (rears)
    -polk pws250 (powered sub)
    -2x173ltr(48"-16")sono subs(powered by kenwood kr-7200 250watt & w/ audiosource EQ (model eq eight/series II)
    -Thorens td-166 mk II/Grado silver fs1
    -Thorens td-160/empire 66cart
    -Dual 601
    -D.I.Y. carfea "little big horns"-(pioneer full range 8" & fostex 4" compression horn tweaters
    -sony (ps1)
    -sony (ps2)

    -haroo, "GOD gave you the gift of sound, Your gift to God is what you do with it!"
    "marantz haroo"

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    I dont know the proper way to do it but it will work if you find the file in the "Attach file" section then click IMG and retype the location of the picture. Hope this helps.

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    Also make sure the file is <100kb....(i.e. <100.0kb in the properties for that picture).

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    Okay, here's the deal

    If you have the picture on your computer, you must use the "attach" feature, where you click on "browse" next to the "Attach file" box and select the file you want to attach. And yes, the maximum size is 100kb.

    If you have the picture hosted somewhere on the web, you can insert it inline by using the "img" tags. Simply, put the URL of the image between the start and end tag. I'll include an example of each....

    Here's the inline:

    (NOTE- if you're not sure that you're doing it right, use "Preview Reply" first, that way you can fix it up if there's something wrong.)
    (NOTE2- you can only attach or put in one image per post.)
    Ludicrous gibs!

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    And here's the attachment...
    Attached Images  
    Ludicrous gibs!

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