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    Default Suspect amp not working

    So I bought a new pad5000.5 hooked it up, then put the key in the ignition turned it to on the amp went from protection to power then back to protection. Then I was unable to start my car. I disconnected the amp power at the battery and seem to have more power on the car but still unable to turn over. Jumped the car and it starts fine now(amp not connected). I have a tool that you plug into the cigarette lighter that lights up blue when connected ground and red to positive. So it touched the ground on the amp and it went blue then touched the power and it went blue when the power cable wasn't connected.

    I took a multimeter to the terminals and I am seeing resistance between the ground and the power but not the remote. Also seeing resistance on the negative speaker terminals.

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    Hooked it up and it seems to be working now, I thought it would be louder only have one 12inch sub and a pair of mm6501s in the back.

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