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    Quote Originally Posted by nspindel View Post
    I can think of so many places to spend money upgrading before I'd even upgrade my Traveler. Scout must be amazing.
    That's where I'm at now, I know my W4S gear is not a last stop...
    No Way But The Hard Way, So Get Used To It!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lancelock1 View Post
    I own the VPI Scout 1.1 with a Soundsmith Zepher cart. Definitely the last turntable I will ever buy.
    I have the Classic 1 with the Zephyr also. Awesome combo.
    SDA CRS+4.1TL's/Modded SDA 1C's/Modded SDA SRS 3.1TL's/Modded SDA SRS 2.3TL's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toolfan66 View Post
    Agreed, this is my last table..
    Haha. Keep dreaming.
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    Wow what a great thread, lots of good advice and no bs belt vs direct vs 1200 is better than anything bla bla bla. I just went from a stock 1200mk2 to a scout 1.1 and I love this table! Can't wait for some break in and than on to final tweaking. I'm running a clear audio maestro wood and this thing is extracting stuff from the vinyl I never knew was there, even music I'm very familer with on albums I've owned for thirty years...
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