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Thread: Adcom To Outlaw

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    Default Adcom To Outlaw

    Anyone with LSI 15's have any opinions or experince with upgrading amps.Iam thinking of going from a ADCOM GFA-7605 rated at 175w into 4 ohm's to a OUTLAW
    755 rated at 300w into 4 ohm's.Would this make any diff in these speakers?Please, any thoughts on these speakers and what is the best way to amplify them is welcome.

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    the adcom unit is great it has pleny of power for my setup i have the 7607 when i went from my onkyo 787 to the adcom i got at least 5-6 more dm of headroom where the spealers would start to distort. i herd the outlaw is nice but i think the looks are a bit on the ugly side and they are a prety new to the amp market. i would asso look at rotel and anthem they have aps in the same price range as the 7605 and their look good too. also do you have a pre yet and if you dont think what pre you want to get. also the b&k 5.125 it has balanced inputs.
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    I'm running an Outlaw 7100. It's rated at 165w x 7 @4ohms and it drives my Lsi15's just fine. As far as looks go, it's black and disappears when I turn the lights down to watch a movie or listen to music. I've been told that I'm much more attractive in the dark too.:D
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