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    Glad to hear that your doing well. You should be around for a long time I had that done just over 20 years ago. Do what they say and prosper.
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    Fast recovery and best wishes!!
    Some final words,
    "If you keep banging your head against the wall,
    you're going to have headaches."

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    I am not sure how I missed this thread but saw it right now!!

    After reading through the thread it is great to learn your doing well. God bless you.

    You know, it really is refreshing for me but for all of us to be part of a pretty damn cool bunch of people. We may have harsh words at times but when one of the Polkies are feeling down/ill we seem to come together with prayers and best of wishes.

    Russ, keep the chip up and as you know were here for ya!

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    Russ, you would think you of all people would have had a better way to get sympathy. What a douche move….heart issues? Your certainly ready for Polkfest now. Maybe you won't bleed all over the place like you did at Al's house. Glad your home, the updates were nice to read but you should come clean and say that the sex change was successful. You are one ugly woman that's for sure.


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    Russ, I'm glad to hear that you are home and doing well! You will be 100% or better soon!

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